10 Types Of Physical Pain Indicating Emotional Problems

10 Types Of Physical Pain Indicating Emotional Problems

6. Elbow and Knee pain.

physical pain indicating elbow and knee pain

These parts are associated with an unwillingness to change our lives. Elbow pain shows stiffness and lack of versatility, while knee pain reveals a big ego.

In both cases, learn to compromise and become versatile. Adaptation to new conditions is a sign of intelligence. It is a pity to stay behind while others evolve themselves.

7. Hand pain.

physical problems indicating hand pain

This kind of pain means that you have to socialize more. Get out, find new friends, be more talkative, come in touch (metaphorically but also literally) with people.

Being alone will just make you sadder.

8. Eye pain.

physical pain indicating eye pain

This is an indication that you may reject reality. You can deal with daily problems, so you turn the world down altogether.

Yet, if you do so, there is a danger for you to sink into an introvert fallacy. Being spiritual does not mean an inability to communicate with the exterior world. On the contrary, this is where we get inspiration and we apply our philosophy.

9. Pelvic pain.

physical pain indicating pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is linked with sexuality and guilt. You may be too anxious about your love life or your partnership or you may regret things of the past. You may also have been deprived of an affective sexual life.

Acceptance of this kind of condition is crucial in order to soothe the symptoms. The importance of acceptance has been lucidly discussed in the book of Dr. David Wise Paradoxical Relaxation: The Theory and Practice of Dissolving Anxiety by Accepting It.

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10. Throat pain.

physical pain indicating throat pain

If there is no reasonable explanation for pain in the throat, like a cold or an allergy, the reason may hide behind a feeling of bitterness and disenchantment.

Try to be more cheerful and grateful. Living along with gloomy emotions is something that could ruin your whole life.

We underscore once again that all these symptoms can be attributed to emotional reasons but you have to consider them AFTER you have already visited a medical doctor.

Sometimes the causes are both physical and emotional and medical support is indispensable. The good news then is that you can heal yourself by having faith that things can get better in most aspects!


Written by The Alchemist
Original appeared on Magical Recipes Online
10 Types of Pain Indicating Emotional Problems
10 Types of Physical Pain Indicating Emotional Problems
10 Types Of Physical Pain Indicating Emotional Problems
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