10 Tips That Will Help You Avoid Emotional Manipulation

Tips Help Avoid Emotional Manipulation

The next thing you know, she is already explaining how you aren’t making her day better by whining and so on. At this point, even if you know she’s lying, there’s nothing much you can say. Either that or you find yourself trying to make her feel better. Don’t do that! Don’t take an apology if you’re sure it’s full of crap. The key here is to judge the relevant person right and trust your gut.

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5. The so-called “Emotional Manipulator’s Aura”.

In other words, the way the manipulator’s emotions spread among everyone around them. If, for example, the manipulator is feeling down for some reason, the natural instinctual response of the people around him would be to try to make him feel better. By doing so the people will hope to balance the “emotional climate” in the room.

That’s a way to make people do the dirty work for you. Tolerate this kind of behavior for too long and you’ll totally forget about your needs!

6. Making your problems look small or insignificant.

Has it ever happened to you, to tell someone about a bad experience you’ve had once, and them to start talking about themselves without even allowing you to finish your story? That’s another kind of emotional manipulation. The manipulator isn’t willing to hear what you have to say and the only thing they really care about is for them to be heard. Furthermore, a huge wave of narcissism is to follow!

In many cases the manipulator will just put the spotlight back on them again – “Your car broke down? Ha, that’s nothing – wait until you hear about my office problems…”. Again common sense is useless in this situation – as soon as you blame the manipulator he’ll probably accuse YOU of always taking the spotlight. Don’t bother, just walk away, there is no place for arguing here.

7. Words are not actions! As simple as that!

Remember that the manipulator will often say what you want to hear but that doesn’t mean they’ll stick to it. It’s a temporary satisfaction of the victim and nothing more! Again, it’s easy to spot such behavior but hard to argue the manipulator. The example at hand: A dad that verbally supports his daughter’s desire to sing but does not attend her shows and doesn’t show any interest in her development and talent later.

And the moment his daughter shows her disappointment, she gets something like: “Your show is not the center of the universe, honey! “. You just have to find someone else to rely on and be supported by.

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8. Manipulators will often make you feel like they trust you.

It’s not such a complex process at all, especially if you’ve just met the manipulator. All that needs is a deep, emotional conversation in which he shares a dramatic story or a big secret of his. Do I have to mention it’s probably bullshit and the opportunities that this opens for further manipulations are countless?

You’ll end up nurturing their big emotional pain and feeding their attention needs. Remember– emotional manipulators are about as vulnerable as a mad dog!

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