10 Things Your Enemies Can Teach You


You must simply accept it as a fact: “Not everyone likes me and I’m okay with that. I should just be my true self.” That’s an important lesson to learn, don’t you think?

  1. Dealing with Negative Feelings

The mere thought about your “enemies” probably triggers feelings of anger. You may allow those feelings to overcome you, or you might take a different, more positive direction.

Detach yourself from negative feelings! Be as objective as possible about the situation and try to put yourself in their shoes. Even if you don’t understand where their anger is coming from, you can resist the urge to get into hatred yourself. That’s the least you can do.

  1. You Can’t Control Other People’s Feelings

There are some things in life you can control. Other people’s attitude towards you is something that doesn’t belong to that category.

If someone doesn’t like you, you can try to change that. But that rarely works. If someone continues with their hatred towards you, there’s nothing you can do. You’re in control of yourself, but you cannot control others.

  1. Enemies Teach You to Value Your Friends

You don’t want to be surrounded by enemies, right? When someone hates you at work, for example, you’ll build your support system by surrounding yourself with good influences. You find your true friends and you learn how to value them.

  1. They Teach You to Be Stronger

When hatred is directed at you, it stretches your limits. It may throw you into despair, but you won’t allow that to happen, will you? You’ll use this experience as a trigger to grow stronger. Whenever someone comes at you with their attitude, you won’t be afraid to stand your ground. You’ll develop strength and endurance, and you’ll have your enemies to thank for that fact.


Let’s be honest: an enemy is a strong word. Still, we face people who don’t like us, and we’re guilty of not liking others, too. These relations teach us something, but are we ready to learn the lesson?