10 Things To Look For On A First Date

things look for first date

They don’t need to know everything about you on the first date itself, but you should feel like you are with someone who genuinely wants to know the real you. If they do ask you about yourself, see what kind of questions they are asking and whether they are asking the right follow-up questions to your answers. Simply nodding is not listening, focusing on what you have to say is listening.

5. Do they fiddle with their phone while on a date?

Now when you are on a date, and if it’s going well and they are interested in you then there is no need to fidget with their phone right? When your date is constantly on their phone, texting and scrolling through their social media, and don’t show that much interest in your company, then that’s a huge red flag.

If they are constantly checking their phones, then you or this date is not a priority for them at all. Is their Instagram or Twitter more important than the person sitting in front of them? If you feel the answer is yes, then it’s better for you if the first date turns out to be the last.

6. How do they fare on the hygiene meter?

When you are on a first date with someone, this is one of those things that you should definitely look out for. What are their hygiene standards and how do they fare on the hygiene meter? Are they mature adults who can take care of their basic hygiene and never compromise on it? Having basic hygiene standards is non-negotiable, and you shouldn’t in any way be with someone who doesn’t know that.

Hygiene is an important indicator of how well a person is taking care of themselves and that again reflects the level of self-love and self-esteem they harbor within themselves.

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7. Do they keep on talking about their exes?

Anyone who brings up their ex on the first date is not over them. At all. If your date not just brings up their ex, and even compares you with them, then it’s a warning sign. If you are in a serious relationship with them and both of you are talking about your exes, that’s still fine; talking about them on the first date itself isn’t.

If someone can’t stop talking about their ex, that means they are still emotionally and mentally connected to them and somewhere they still hope that things will work out. You don’t need to take on this baggage, and you should be with someone who has moved on from their past and is solely interested in knowing you and who you are.

8. Are they fun to be around?

Okay, this one is important. You want your relationship to be your space of solace and comfort and not a stress zone. Life is complicated, hard, and stressful as it is; at least your relationship and the person you are with should help you let go of all the stress and have some fun. In order to understand, whether your date is the right person for you or not, you need to look for these things:

Are they generally chilled out in life and know how to have fun?

Do they know how to be present in the moment?

Do they know how to hold space for someone?

Are they emotionally balanced and comfortable in their own skin?

These questions can help you know them better, and most important understand whether they deserve to have a place in your life or not.

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