10 Things You Should Look For On A First Date

6) How do they fare on the hygiene meter?

Are they mature adults who can take care of their basic hygiene?

Hygiene is an important indicator of how well a person is taking care of themselves and that again reflects the level of self-love and esteem that they have.


7) Can you sit and talk with them for hours?

It’s a delight to be with someone with whom we can just sit and talk for hours exploring each other’s thoughts and experiences.

Especially if you are a sapiosexual and get attracted to intelligence more than the physical traits, there isn’t anything more attractive than finding someone with whom you share mental compatibility.


8) Are they fun to be around?

Ok, this one is important. You want your relationship to be your space of solace and comfort and not a stress zone.

Are they generally chilled out in life and know how to have fun?

Are they playful and cheerful?

Do they know how to be present in the moment?

Do they know how to hold space for someone?

Are they emotionally balanced and comfortable in their own skin?

All these are very important checklists for a healthy, fun and long-lasting relationship.


9) Do they seem trustworthy?

Do they seem like a decent, trustworthy human being?

You can figure this thing out by observing their general worldview and behavior.

How are they treating the support staff and how attentively they are listening to you?

Are they bitter or sarcastic about their exes, bosses, economy or life in general and absolve themselves of any responsibility for the quality of their life?

A person who is blaming others for everything is clearly not mature enough to take accountability for his role and won’t make any efforts to course correct even when he is wrong. You don’t want to be with someone who cannot even take responsibility for his own behavior.


10) What sort of vibe do you get from them?

Our bodies and gut instincts have a way of picking up vibes.

Sometimes we just come across people and feel something is off, there might be no logical explanation but it is just the vibe that you feel when you are with them.

If you are feeling unease and tension in your body when you meet someone, it could be because your body and gut instinct is trying to warn you.

Pay heed to how your body reacts when you are with someone. More often than not, our intuition and gut instincts are on point.


This checklist is a general guideline to help you to navigate the dating space.

Remember that everyone’s different and their likes and dislikes are also different. What’s a deal breaker for someone could be the very thing you could be attracted to and what someone could be head over heels in love with could be a deal breaker for you.

The best strategy is to do the inner work and gain self-awareness so that you have enough clarity on what attracts you and what are your absolute deal breakers.

Last but not least, follow your inner compass and let your intuition guide you.


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10 Things You Should Look For On A First Date

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