10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating An Outgoing Introvert

Things Need Before Dating Outgoing Introvert

7. They are selectively Social

You must know that their energy levels depends on their environment. If they get along with the crowd, then they feel energized. Otherwise, they are annoyed easily and tend to get really introspective and reflective. They don’t hate people, but small talk is like communication barriers for outgoing introverts. They prefer staying alone at home then gel up with someone with whom they don’t vibe.

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8. They hate the typical first date

Just because they hate small talk, they don’t prefer formal kind of a date that mainly comprises of “hi”, “hello”, “tell me what do you do”…and so on. Most of the time they indulge in overthinking, so these introverts don’t want dating to be brainstorming like activity. Rather, something that can put them at ease. But something more than just “get to know you” questions. Avoid awkwardness at all cost, when dating an outgoing introvert!

9. They project the idea of being universally flirtatious

They interact with everyone because they want to make everyone feel comfortable. They are sensitive of how others feel and so try to talk to everyone. It may seem as though they flirt with everyone. But, they are just intuitive and outgoing at the same time.

10. They can see through lies

The outgoing introverts can observe the smallest detail and can notice even those things which escape others’ attention. That is why they can very easily find you out if you try to deceive them.

Are you ready for dating an outgoing introvert?

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  1. I think you are identifying the "Highly Sensitive Person Extravert." Except for the part about flirting..

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