10 Things Only A Taurus Will Understand

May 11, 2016

Taurus is a powerful sign that is often, sadly, misunderstood. This article is ringing out of the Internets to you, fair Taurus. This will remind you of the great sides of your particular traits. You aren’t the only one that acts and thinks this way!

People Often Misinterpret Your Discipline For Being Boring

You do things a certain way, at certain times for specific reasons. This isn’t because you are boring or afraid, it’s because the outcome of your actions serve a purpose. Everything you do has a specific reason, and you aren’t willing to throw away your hard work for no reason.

Your friends know that when you keep a secret, it’s in a lockbox for life.

Loyalty Is Your Most Treasured Trait

Beauty is fine and humor is a plus, but you HAVE to be able to trust the people in your life, and they HAVE to be able to trust you. It takes a while to build up a sense of trust between you and new people. Once that bridge has been built, it will mark a new era in amazing interactions and expressions. Most people aren’t patient enough to realize this.

You’re Not Stubborn

People call you thick headed or stubborn all the time, and nothing could be further from the truth. You aren’t willing to compromise on what you believe in or change something that in your eyes isn’t broken. You have reasoned and planned out the various methods you use to get things done. You don’t take criticism or unwanted tips lightly. It isn’t that you know better than everyone else, but that you take pride in yourself and abilities.

Your Gifts Are Well Thought And Received

You remember everything. So when you give someone a gift, that gift was chosen with the intimate details of your life in mind.

No One Understands How Great You Are With Dealing With Disappointment

Either because of your unrivaled work ethic or hyper awareness, you constantly are being let down or sold short. You see how much potential have in them and can’t help yourself but get very upset when they fall so short of your expectations.

People On The Whole Are Too Emotional

People comment on your stability and varied perspective all the time. Just because you don’t fly off the handle every time you get upset or hurt, doesn’t mean you don’t have the same emotions as others. Ruled by the Moon and Venus, you are often dealing with some sort of emotional upheaval. You know what you do when this happen? You deal with it and move on! Why can’t everyone do this?

You Work Ethic Is Comparable To Few

No one works harder than you. Even if a Taurus is working some dead end job that they hate, their pride and productive qualities will not let them just shirk off responsibilities.

You Are Incredibly Sensitive To The Physical World

Taurus isn’t one for abstract formations, they thrive on real world experiences and perceptions. A hot cup of tea or a soft undershirt, are things that you actively hunt for. An adventure through a new area sounds like a perfect afternoon to you doesn’t it? The new people, food and sounds are a sensory delight to Taurus’s.

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