10 Things A Narcissist Believes All Empaths Owe Them


“A narcissist, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of an empath. Emotionally, narcissists are like brick walls who see and hear others but fail to understand or relate to them. As a result of their emotional shallowness, narcissists are essentially devoid of all empathy or compassion for other people. Lacking empathy, a narcissist is a very destructive and dangerous person to be around.” ― Mateo Sol, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing.

The relationship between a narcissist is a very toxic one. While empaths usually get attracted towards the narcissist and vice versa, the toxic attraction is extremely harmful because the narcissist thinks the empath owes them a lot.

Here’s the list of 10 things a narcissist thinks the empath owes them.


(1)  They think you owe them your attention:

They don’t care if they are reciprocating or not. What they want is you give them attention all the time no matter how busy you are.


(2)  They think you owe them your guilt:

They would make you feel guilty of things you haven’t done. That’s how they trick you into believing that you don’t have any self-worth. The moment you start having lower confidence, the moment you start depending on them and doing things they want you to do.


(3)  They think you owe them your time:

The narcissist feels all of your time belongs to them. Even they don’t show up, you need to wait for them without doing anything.


(4)  They think you are responsible for the wrongs they are doing:

The narcissist will never take responsibility of their actions. You’re the one who should be taking that since you’re with them. You are the one who is responsible for all the bad things happening to them.


(5)  They think you are indebted to them:

A narcissist begins a bonding by being very nice and kind person. This kind nature pops up once in a blue moon and no matter how much they have hurt you, they feel that they are doing you a favour by being nice to you.


(6)  They think you owe them your ear to listen:

No, they are not going to listen to your problems or troubles. But they feel it is your duty to listen to their whining and complaints all the time.


(7)  They think you owe them your companionship:

The narcissist will isolate you from your family and friends. For them, you have to be with them only when they want you. Rest of time, you have to be alone, isolated from your peers.


(8)  They think you owe them your kindness:

No matter how hard they are on you, they think you have to be kind and understanding with them.


(9)  They think you owe them your freedom:

They are the ones who will decide for you, what you would wear, where you would go, etc. They think that freedom isn’t your birthright at all and they are the ones who will dictate your life.


(10)  They think they own you:

Yes, this is the harsh truth. The narcissist thinks they own you, they are your property and they can do whatever they want with you.


A relationship between an empath and a narcissist is a very difficult one and it takes a lot of time for the empath to come out of it.

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10 Things A Narcissist Believes All Empaths Owe Them


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