10 Things A Good Guy Won’t Ever Do To The Woman He Loves



8. Acts like your needs are a burden or inconvenience in his life.

One of the most self-oppressive things you can do in relationships is to pretend that you don’t have any needs. We all have a need to be loved, appreciated, and cared for on emotional and physical levels.

If you suffered neglect or abuse as a child, you likely subconsciously believe that you are a burden, but it’s not true! You deserve a mate who is capable of treating you like a precious gem worthy of the best.


9. He criticizes, disparages, or belittles you.

Generally speaking, criticism beats a spirit down. Most people criticize themselves enough. The last person we need to hear more negative feedback from is our partner. There is a difference between a person who offers helpful suggestions and one who criticizes.

The latter causes you to feel bad about yourself. Don’t tolerate it. Not for one second.


10. He makes the focus about him, constantly demanding your time, energy, and attention.

A healthy, loving partner appreciates your love but does not demand it for his own ego gratification. Anything that’s imbalanced, including relationships, is subject to disease. Relationships are a two-way street about each person sharing with each other.

You’ll have an intuitive sense when someone is sucking your energy. Pay attention to that inner knowing because it will only get worse.

Written by Heather Hans
Originally Appeared on Yourtango.com
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10 Things A Good Guy Won't Ever Do To The Woman He Loves