10 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

 June 19, 2018

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10 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul


5. They don’t like listening to authority and can be perceived as “smart asses”.

Far from being anarchic, Old Soul children are highly intelligent, astute and observant and so are not as susceptible to blindly obeying authority as childlike children are.

Instinctively feeling themselves to be equals to their adult peers, Old Soul children tend to get in trouble with figures of authority while growing up, easily seeing through the puerile, flawed and illogical demands they are often confronted with.

Therefore, in school and in home life, the Old Soul child will often not hesitate to argue or wisecrack his or her way out of unreasonable punishments or requests.


6. They tend to spend a lot of their time alone.

If your child is an Old Soul, they will find it difficult to integrate into the social circles of their age group.

Coupled with their contemplative natures, Old Soul children will often spend time alone despite their often well-developed social skills.

This is not because the child is anxious or depressive, but simply because they are comfortable in their own company and rarely need to depend on anyone else to provide them with enjoyment and stimulation.


7. They are very inquisitive.

Seeking to perpetually build on their knowledge and wisdom from a young age, Old Soul children love to ask many questions about the world in different shapes and forms.

If your child is an Old Soul, they can often be found reading books, exploring the world, experimenting and asking surprising questions.


8. They are “underachievers” or “overachievers”.

Depending on the temperament of your child, if they are more emotional and creative, they will often work hard at school in an attempt to please you.

However, if your child is more logical and scholarly, they will often rebel against the schooling system, sensing the flaws and limitations of such a system they are forced to be a part of.


9. They are responsible and independent.

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Old Soul child is that they are unusually stable and reliable.

For this reason, many parents who have Old Soul children often find themselves leaning on them for support, advice, and assistance.

While the good-natured Old Soul child is happy to help whenever needed, eventually, if they are given too many responsibilities or depended on too heavily, they will seek distance and freedom.


10. They sound like a “little old man” or “little old woman”.

Sometimes, out of the blue, a witty interjection, or incisive question will arise from your child if they are an Old Soul.

The best way to describe your child’s wisdom beyond years is that they sound like a “little old man or woman” unexpectedly giving advice and counsel.

Is your child an Old Soul?

Has this article helped you to get some closure?

What experiences have you either perceived in your child or had yourself?

Please share below!

Written by Aletheia Luna

Originally appeared on Lonerwolf.com

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10 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

One comment on “10 Signs Your Child is an Old Soul

  1. I’m not sure if my daughter is one right now because she is not even 3 years old, but I know I’m an old soul myself. So, maybe there’s a chance she will be.

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