10 Signs Your Child Has Magical Powers

 May 01, 2018

10 Signs Your Child Has Extra Ordinary Magical Powers


10.  The child has Witch Marks

Witch Marks are interesting markings on one’s body. It is believed that re-incarnated witches and ancient priests and priestesses bear special markings. Witch Marks act as witnesses to past magical experiences.

  • Does your child have blue and red dots?
  • Or maybe port-wine stains, moles, and warts which form a pattern?
  • Maybe some scars and scratches carve a rune or a symbol on their body?
  • Examine the body of your child. Does something look like a Witch Mark?

Whether you gave birth to a naturally Magical Child or Not, you can raise him/her to become Magical (see here more).

Moreover, if your child does present these kinds of signs, it’s your responsibility to further cultivate his/her talents. Raise an Awakened One.


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10 Signs Your Child Has Extra Ordinary Magical Powers

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