10 Signs You Shouldn’t End Your Relationship


You should put aside familial squabbles and stay put together.

7) You are still willing to compromise and work with each other:

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is to compromise and be adaptable to meet each other’s needs. You can sacrifice some guilty pleasures for the sake of togetherness.

You two are a strong team, giving other companions some serious relationship goals, then stick together. Your relationship has something which most bonds lack – unity.


8) There are more ups and downs and the ups are always higher:

You could go through a rough patch but a good time will always follow and good memories will outweigh the bad ones.

If the ups and downs don’t discourage you, rather influences you to learn lessons from your tough times, you are in a healthy relationship that doesn’t need to end.


9) During the lows of life, you still want each other:

Despite the rough sailing, if the foundations of love are strong and you both pull each other’s heart’s strings; you should not cave in to pressures of life in any form.

However hard it is, if you still crave each other’s physical and emotional presence, then you surely need to be with each other.


10) You are not ready to call it quits:

It is a simple aspect that needs consideration. You may not be able to think a life of a single, as the love is too strong. This is strong reason for not to call it a day any time!


In case there’s abuse in a relationship, that is not healthy and no one should subject themselves to that quality of life. It is better to get out then and seek help. Never be apprehensive to ask for assistance. It is not okay to face abuse and keep mum.


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Signs You Shouldn't End Your Relationship


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