10 Signs You’re An INFJ: The World’s Rarest Personality Type

Signs INFJ World Rarest Personality Type

5. You don’t like noise.

INFJs are introverts who believe for themselves that they are extroverts. This happens because they love speaking with people but in fact, they do not fancy big crowds and noisy venues. They feel much more comfortable close to a few good friends.

10 Signs You're An INFJ: The World's Rarest Personality Type

6. You are an empath.

Being an empath is a blessing and a curse. The good thing is that INFJs can come with people who project their negative on them and they avoid them in order to protect their energy.

However, persons of these personality types have a good understanding of others’ emotions and their perception of the human soul is acute.

7. You want to fulfill a destiny.

Having brilliant ideas means little if you don’t try to implement them. The INFJ people are unique, exactly because they do not remain to theory but they take action.

They set high goals and they strive for their realization. Their commitment is exceptionally inspiring for the people around them.

8. You are an intellectual.

INFJs love reading, writing, listening to music, or playing an instrument, discussing philosophy and spiritual matters. Tedious matters such as gossiping or trivial matters of daily life do not interest them.

This is basically a positive character trait but sometimes these persons may face difficulty in enjoying simple joys such as a nice movie on TV or having coffee with colleagues. INFJs should be a bit more relaxed when it comes to this sort of activity.

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9. They develop creative habits.

Since INFJs want to be successful, they also work systematically. Their whole daily routine is well organized so that they are efficient.

They will go jogging, meditate, prepare a healthy breakfast. Quality in their life is enormously important.

10. You are full of contradictions.

INFJs can combine many antitheses. They can be introvert and extrovert, dreamers and doers, pessimist optimist, all at the same time. Actually, these are not real contradictions but a way to see the world from several perspectives at the same time.

INFJ personalities can create a synthesis out of their antitheses, that is wise they are the wisest among the personality types.


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Being an INFJ is a matter of pride, and happiness. Yes, INFJs can be conflicted and complicated sometimes, but being the most rare personality type comes with it’s drawbacks. But, never focus on that, and always focus on all the beautiful things you are made of.

If you want to know more about the signs that you are an INFJ, then check this video out below:

10 Signs You Have A Rare Personality
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    1. No, introvert means someting totally different when it comes to meyers briggs.
      You have your eight core functions, and introverted or exrtaverted is put infront of each function to explain each of them also know that you use only four functions out ofthe eight, and you cannot have all four introverted functions or extraverted function.

      Every person has a balance and just like dna these functions stack together to form how you asses information and operate in your daily life.

      But i think most people miss explain the whole theory.. meyer brigs is quite new to this world

      Although the theory has still got some developement to do, i think for one there is lots of evidence that meyers brigs is true but its sometuing that lies deep and needs to be explored a bit more.

    2. No, introverts make up half the population, they just tend to be under valued by society when compared to extroverts.

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