10 Sneaky Signs of Loneliness Which Say You’re Lonelier Than You Think

Lonely people often eat to feel the void inside them. It is a physical act of metaphorically filling the void that they want to avoid slipping into. 

“When you no longer believe that eating will save your life when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed or lonely, you will stop. When you believe in yourself more than you believe in food, you will stop using food as if it were your only chance at not falling apart.” ~Geneen Roth


4. You are overworking

over working

Often times our burnout at work is not a result of workload but underlying signs of loneliness. While overworking is basically a personal choice and often circumstantial, some people work extra even when they are mentally and emotionally drained and in need of rest.

But why do you need to keep yourself ‘extra’ busy? And here lies the answer – because you believe if you sit ideal, the nagging, sinking feeling of loneliness will come to haunt you.

If you are frequently feeling like you are compromising health-promoting lifestyle to cater time to work, you must ask yourself why?


5. You are taking long hot showers

hot shower

Hot showers related to loneliness? You must be wondering how! 

Recent research shows that feelings of social warmth or coldness can be induced by experiences of physical warmth or coldness, and vice versa. 

People often tend to self-regulate their feelings of social warmth through applications of physical warmth, without being explicitly aware of it. 

Which means if you love taking warm showers by the end of the day, or your warm bath hours are expanding by the day, you might unconsciously be trying to reduce the social coldness (being socially aloof) by inducing physical warmth. 


6. You are socializing with other lonely people


Unfortunately, loneliness is not only about ‘not having friends’. It’s also about interacting with the right group of people. 

A study in 2010 concluded that loneliness is contagious in nature and spreads in certain social networks. Are your friends also complaining of being lonely and left out? You might be catching loneliness from them. 


7. You are binge-watching shows:


Research at the University of Texas at Austin found out through a survey of 316 participants, that there is a directly proportional relationship between loneliness and binge-watching television series. 

If you are constantly clicking ‘next’ on a loop, you might be using television shows to distract yourself from the feelings of loneliness. 


8. You are having disturbed sleep:

disturbed sleep

Research back in 2011 at Dakota concluded that fragmented sleep could be associated with loneliness. Are you having difficulty with sound sleep? Are you waking up in the middle of the night or having trouble falling asleep? 

The reasons behind this connection are not quite clear but social insecurity might make you worry and stress over your social worth. Worrying and overthinking it might cause you to lose sleep. 


9. You have increased social interactions over media and less real-life friends:

social media

Your social life is not judged by the number of friends you have on your friend list. You might be constantly adding new friends over social media, even frequently connecting to them, chatting with them but something doesn’t quite fill the void within you. 

When you have something crucial to share about your life or spend some quality time with another soul, you find that your friend’s list is empty. If this situation rings true for you, you might really be lonely. 


10. You are frequently falling ill: 

falling sick

“Being lonely won’t just make you miserable; it could also suppress your immune system and knock years off your life,” the Daily Mail reports. Loneliness only doesn’t hamper your social life and deteriorate your mental health but also leads to more inflammation and greatly reduces the efficiency of the immune system. 

Are you frequently catching a cold? Loneliness makes people more susceptible to virus attacks.

Loneliness can be combated. But the most important step to doing so is identifying the sneaky signs of loneliness. Having a positive attitude towards your feelings and regulating negatively inclined challenging thinking patterns will help you easily cope with loneliness. If you feel paralyzed with profound and persistent feelings of loneliness you should immediately seek professional help.


1. Heinrich LM, Gullone E. The clinical significance of loneliness: a literature review. Clin Psychol Rev. 2006;26(6):695–718. doi: 10.1016/j.cpr.2006.04.002. 

Shreyasi Debnath
An editor and writer keeping keen interest in painting, creative writing and reading. I did my Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and have been a counselling psychologist at a primary school for the past 1 year. I love doing absolutely anything that mends a mind and soothes a soul. Most often than not, I ponder over to come up with poems. A wandering soul in search for meaning.
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