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10 Signs You’re Not As Happy In Your Relationship As You Pretend To Be

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5) You keep getting attracted to other people

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It’s ok to admire beautiful people and fantasize about someone once in a while but if you find yourself getting attracted to other people all the time, it is a clear sign that you’re not happy in your current relationship as you would like to believe.
When you are in love, you do not want anyone else to take their place no matter how much exponentially better they seem.


6) You share your accomplishments with other people before your partner

We usually want to share our greatest accomplishments and latest happenings in our lives with our partner but if you feel like sharing your accomplishments with other people before your partner, it could be because you don’t share a great bonding with them or they usually don’t show any enthusiasm about your accomplishments which makes you turn to other people for sharing the good news.
It is a clear sign that your relationship is not in a happy place and you need to reconsider your choices.

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7) There are more fights in your relationships than conversations.

Honest, open and respectful communication is at the heart of any relationship.
When we really care about someone, we make an effort to listen to them patiently and try to find a common ground in case of arguments.
A healthy and happy relationship is when you share a strong bond with your partner and you feel safe to share your deepest thoughts and opinions with them on any topic without being scared that it could blow the relationship off.
But if you are in a relationship where you can’t get through even simple conversations like where to eat and what to wear without heated arguments, you really need to take a deep breath and ask yourself, do you even want to be in this relationship?


8) You can’t seem to let things go

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. When you love someone and are happy in a relationship, you tend to avoid the little misses and see the bigger picture.
But if you can’t seem to let go off even little mistakes that your partner does and give them a hard time about it all time, it is a clear sign that you are neither in love nor happy in the relationship and are only making each other’s life tough by staying together.

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9) They don’t make your priority list

We all have to juggle with lots of things from work, family to everyday chores and have different priorities but we somehow make time for people we love.
If your partner doesn’t feature at all in your priorities list and you want to go to all the places and do all the things without them, then sweetheart you are not that into him anymore.


10) You feel trapped in your relationship

A relationship should be your safe and happy place. It should liberate you.
Your partner should help you grow and expand. But if you feel like you are missing out on life and feel trapped in your relationship because you can’t do things that you would like to do, it’s time to you should call it quits.

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10 Signs You’re Not As Happy In Your Relationship As You Pretend To Be

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