10 Signs He Is Going To Breakup With You

He Going To Break Up With You

6. He is up for arguments even for small reasons.

He is not really mad if you put his shoe in the wrong drawer or if you out the bottle of milk in the wrong place, he is arguing just because he is seeking for the reason to walk out of that door.

When things that shouldn’t even bother him start making him feel frustrated, it is a sign that he is just looking for a tangible reason to walk out of that door.

7. ‘Great!’ is the answer to how are you? Every time.

You may notice him sad and depressed at times but when you are with him, it seems as if everything is all right. The answer is strangely always ‘great!’ and this is a sign that something is terribly wrong.

If he no longer opens up to you emotionally, and suddenly stops being vulnerable, he is already on the bus to back where he came from. When someone genuinely loves you, and wants to be with you, they will always share their feelings with you.

8. Frequent mood swings.

Well if you’re not sure if your actions are going to make him happy or set him off, it’s clear that you no longer make him happy.

We all know that when we love a person we love everything they do (the efforts they put in for us). And when we don’t, we just ignore every effort they put in and don’t care if our reaction will hurt them.

If he has become moody and your efforts of making him happy are doing otherwise, it’s one of the prominent signs that he is planning to breakup with you.

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9. No talks about the future.

Remember those colorful dreams of the future you dreamt together? How you would visit that valley together, and how you were both to go on a world tour or what the name of your kids would be? How you would plan your wedding, and how you would decorate your first house?

He hasn’t forgotten anything either but he doesn’t bring it up because he no longer sees a future with you. He does not plan anything anymore, because he doesn’t see you as a part of his future.

10. You feel it.

Remember how you felt on meeting him or when he first touched you? Your heart sees things you don’t see. If he still loves you will feel it and if he doesn’t you will feel that too. Learn to listen to your heart.

Relationships do lose magic at some point but it doesn’t mean they can’t be brought back in line, you can either let go or hold on. We never know what tomorrow holds. Maybe something disturbed your partner and you should hold on for a while and bring back your love to life.

Or maybe you should let go, maybe tomorrow has something better to offer you. You never know.

But we need to give our best, put in efforts to save the sinking ship, maybe it will float again and you can sail on but do remember, it is pointless to sink with the ship, so let it go when the time comes.

10 Signs He Is Ready To Break Up With You
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