10 Signs You’re Stuck In A Dead End Relationship, Even If You Love Your Partner

10 Signs You're Stuck In A Dead End Relationship, Even If You Love Your Partner

5. You’re the only one trying to make the relationship work

A relationship is a partnership between two people. But it is astonishing how we lose sight of this fact when we are in love.
When we love someone, we tend to overlook the ways they are not playing their part in the relationship.
And, it happens more so often for people who are forgiving and patient kind.
But, if this habit is not kept in check it can lead you to a certain delusional space.
If you are the only one making efforts to make the relationship work, you are the only one who tries to keep in touch, you are the only one who makes plan for dates, you are the only one sacrificing your needs for a relationship and your partner is not getting his crap together time and again, you need to step off your delusional ride that they are going to change.
If you are just sticking around and being forgiving hoping for some miracle that they will change, you’re probably in a dead end relationship.
Don’t settle because you are afraid of being single, it’s much better to be on your own than being with someone who is not there or half there.
It’s much better to be on your own and focus on your own life and goals till you find someone who is worthy of your love and affection.

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6. Your bestie and parents don’t approve of them

It is not necessary that all your loved ones get along with each other.

But if your bestie or family doesn’t approve of your partner at all, it is a wise thing to pay heed to what they are saying.
They usually have our best intentions at heart and probably can see the red flags from a neutral stance that we would miss due to our love struck rose-colored glasses.
It could be because they see clearly that you deserve better and your partner is not treating you with the love and respect you deserve.


7. You feel insecure with them

“Love should be wild but secure.”

It is not necessary to say I love you everyday to your partner to feel secure but there has to be a certain bonding, understanding, and connection with your partner.
If you find yourself constantly questioning about your partner’s feelings for you and are not sure about where you stand in their life, it is a clear sign that you don’t share the required bonding or understanding with your partner.
There is no point of staying in a relationship where you feel insecure about yourself or where the relationship is headed.


8. The connection is more physical than mental or emotional

A good relationship is one where you connect with your partners on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
But if you feel that you share only great physical chemistry with your partner and no emotional or mental compatibility, then the chances that this relationship is going to last for long are dim.
The spark and physical chemistry fades away after sometime and if you don’t have any real or solid bond or connection beyond physical, it is a clear sign that it is a dead end relationship.

9. You guys are not on the same page

All of us are at different life stages and have different priorities. You two may be madly in love with each other but if you want different things from life then you won’t be on the same page.
Therefore it is important to find out, what is it that your partner is looking for from a relationship? Is he looking for something casual or just a fling or is he looking for something serious that has potential to go for the long haul to save yourself from heartbreak later.
If you are looking for something serious and he is only looking for a fling then you guys are just not on the same page no matter how madly you love each other.

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