10 Scientifically Proven Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

9. Impaired Judgment

Parallel to its many other effects on physical and mental functioning, sleep deprivation severely affects our ability to make sound judgments. These include judgments on moral issues as well as general decision-making. Ironically, those who don’t sleep enough often make impaired judgments regarding how much they sleep and how this affects their daily lives. If you feel that you’re used to sleeping six hours a day and don’t notice that it impairs your daily functioning, you may turn out to be wrong once you actually test your relative cognitive function and alertness.

10. Increased Risk of Death

Though it sounds severe, sleep deprivation has been statistically correlated with risk of death. The many health conditions that arise as a result of chronic lack of sleep affect mortality. Less sleep means a higher risk of death, especially through accidents and cardiovascular disease.

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10 Scientifically Proven Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

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