10 Reasons Why Love In Your 40s Is The Best Kind Of Love

10 Reasons Why Love In Your 40s Is The Best Kind Of Love

6. You’re in a stage to just have fun together.

The hard work of career-building is behind you, your kids are likely about to fly the coop, and it’s almost your time. Enjoy it together. My husband and I talk about what we’ll do when the kids go to college. Travel. Cook. Perhaps open a business together. Spend a month in Mexico. Who knows.

7. You don’t NEED a partner; you just WANT one.

Let’s face it: even when it comes to sex, by the time you’re in your 40s, you can take care of that yourself, right?

8. You’re ready to be honest — about everything.

But you don’t need to be. Your 40s are the first decade when most people truly embrace the moment and relish being present. Which means all that exists is right now and everything else really doesn’t matter.

9. You’re ready to be nicer to yourself.

The trappings of our earlier years (worrying about how many people we’ve been with, whether some sex choices are weird, the fantasy of your ideal life) have dissipated, and you’re ready to be nice to yourself. So you’re nice to others.

It’s a calmer, contented kind of love. You live fully. You know life doesn’t last forever. You realize any day could be your last, so you just want to be happy. And a big part of that is shining a smile on everyone in your midst. Especially yourself.

10. You realize how short life really is.

You have to make the most of every minute, which means you don’t have the patience for sub-par connections. Why waste time with someone who drives you crazy? Why make due with Mr. Maybe? It’s just not worth it. All of this makes sense in an intellectual way when you’re younger, but you don’t really get it until you hit the big 4-0. Trust me.

Written by Lynne Golodner

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10 Reasons Why Love In Your 40s Is The Best Kind Of Love
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