10 Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail While Others Are Totally Rocking It


6. They make each other laugh.

People who are great at relationships know sometimes you just need to share a good laugh. Often, when my husband and I are in a fight and I’m being particularly pouty, he’ll crack a joke until I find myself in fits of laughter. Suddenly, whatever seemed so serious just a minute ago has completely dissolved.


7. They release false expectations for their partner.

Our partners are only human, just like us. Anyone who has lived with someone for more than a few weeks will realize this. It’s unfair to put false expectations on our partner because they have flaws, faults, insecurities, and weaknesses just like the rest of us. That’s what makes them, and your relationship, beautiful.


8. They stop projecting.

This in and of itself can cure 90 percent of relationship problems. We project our own insecurities or faults onto our partners without even realizing it, because our ego simply can’t stand to accept them as our own. Often, we’re attracted to others that have qualities that we’d like to develop within ourselves. But if we fail to develop these qualities, the infatuation can quickly turn to criticism and blame. Maybe when you first met your partner they seemed “fun and spontaneous,” but now appear just plain flaky. Understand that relationships are a vehicle for your own growth.


9. They expect good things.

Self-fulfilling prophecies will come true if you expect them to. Period. If you expect for your relationship to fail, then chances are it probably will. Because when we believe something over a long enough period of time, we start to act in ways to prove it to ourselves. This goes for our relationships and for life. So, therefore, why not expect only the best to happen? Believe me… it’s just as possible.


10. Above all, they love.

They love themselves. They love their partners. They love others. They know that they are 100 percent complete and that their partner helps to compliment their already whole selves. They’ve learned to let those walls down around their heart, slowly but surely, and open up to great, wonderful love. I created a free video series to help you end your dating frustration (and single status) forever.

The bottom line is that you only deserve the best in a relationship, and that means bringing your best to your partner and expecting that in return.


Let me know below in the comments, which of these do you feel is most important in a relationship and why?

Thank you for being a part of our community and for being a beacon of hope and possibility to those around you.

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Written by 

Alexis Meads Krilla
Harvard University MLA
Dating and Life Coach

Originally appeared on AlexisMeads.com

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10 Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail While Others Are Totally Rocking It