10 Phrases Men Say When They Are Really Into You

 June 27, 2017

He wants to be a part of your life and won’t let you walk that dark lane alone. He is into you!


7. “I miss you”

Unless very sensitive or romantic, you won’t hear a man saying this. If he says ‘he misses you’ you really have made a home in his heart.

Mind you if he says this to swoon every other girl then chances are he wants ‘something’ from you which is not what we are trying to cover, but if a gentleman confesses you about missing you, he is deeply into you.


8. “I am upset/worried”

Men don’t really open up about their problems or stress or frustration, in fact, they don’t even really express anything other than happiness or ‘okays’ because they don’t want to show their vulnerability.

If he willingly admits to other emotions then he trusts you and is into you enough to show his vulnerabilities and insecurities to you.


9. “I was talking to mom”

Guys don’t really like talking about their family and definitely not mom unless they are ready to show you their vulnerabilities.

If he says “he was talking to his mom” and shares what they were doing then you really mean a lot to him and he is into you.


10. He gives you nicknames

If he calls you by any name other than your name or last name, he has decided that you’re the one.

If he calls you by the last name then he is just teasing you but he has a pet name for you, he is for you and wants to make you his.

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10 Phrases Men Say When They Are Really Into You

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