10 Mistakes Most Men Make In Relationships

Mistakes Most Men Make Relationships

5. Don’t try changing her.

When you fell in love with her, it was because of who she was. Most people in their relationships make the mistake of trying to “fix” what they don’t approve of. Don’t ask her to tone down her laugh and loudness just because it attracts a lot of (male) attention. Don’t suddenly expect your quiet woman to miraculously turn into a party-throwing crowd-pleasing host just because all your friends’ partners are like that.

Similarly, it is expected of things to change as and how she navigates her life. Don’t expect her to still talk-and-walk the same way as she did when you first met her.

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6. Accept the ever-shifting nature of your relationship.

In continuity with the above, as you accept her, you have to acknowledge what the changes in both of you mean for your relationship. She is not one of those passing-flings anymore — naturally, the rules of then don’t apply now. As time proceeds she might expect you to make her the biggest priority. You might decide that you are ready to raise kids. She might decide she wants to be with another woman. Things can change anytime — unless you accept them, they are going to roll you over and leave you alone.

7. Don’t take her presence for granted.

Men can be ridiculously single-minded. While women are known for multitasking. You might not really be able to take a page out of her book, but you can definitely plan your day to leave some her-time there. It’s very easy to forget her when you are pursuing a newly-acquired hobby or trying to keep your wits with the promotion just around the corner.

But for her, it is all about the fact that if she can devote some time to you, you should be able to do the same — taking us back to #1.

Mistakes Men Make In Relationships

8. Trust is a must.

No relationship is going anywhere even if you manage to follow everything on this list, but for this one. Every other point on this is a fixable solution. This one is the hardest. It’s always going to be turmoil if you are constantly breaking her trust, or find yourself mistrusting her. You cannot be hiding things that you know won’t go down well with her — don’t do them in the first place.

Contrariwise, you cannot always be assuming the worst of her — yes, she can have a happy life when she is by herself. Yes, she can have platonic guy friends who enjoy her company. Trust is an equal give-and-take business.

9. It’s a partnership and it’s sailing nowhere until you communicate.

Most men tend to keep their problems and troubles to themselves. Whether it be about their work or it is about their relationship. Women are sensitive to any emotional ups and downs you might be going through — and they expect you to tell them just like they tell you. When you don’t talk about it, it is equally frustrating to them as it is when you don’t ask them about what’s bothering them, as mentioned in #1 (again).

When you tell her about your problems, you give her an equal reign over it. Additionally, you also make her feel like her inputs are valued. That doesn’t mean you have to incessantly crib about everything that is going wrong in your life — too much of anything is toxic in itself. Keep it measured, keep it simple.

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10. Keep the sparks glinting.

Finally, don’t let yourselves go. Doing something special or treating yourselves shouldn’t have to be a once in a year occasion. Women like things when they are spontaneous — and men are sticklers for planning meticulously. So, sure, plan a nice date in that new restaurant — but let her believe it was a spontaneous date. Let there be things happening. Flirt with her once in a while. Compliment her if she dresses-up for something.

Special is as special does.

10 Mistakes Most Men Make In Relationships
Mistakes Men Make In Relationships
Mistakes Most Men Make Relationships pin
10 Mistakes Most Men Make In Relationships
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