10 Little Habits That Are Keeping You Away From Happiness

Habits That Is Keeping You Away From Happiness

6. Dwelling on the past

Much like clinging on to worries and fears, dwelling on past can make it hard for you to grab the upcoming opportunities. Especially do not let your past mistakes influence your decisions in the present.

If a past relationship didn’t work out, do not assume that your present relationship will also fail. This setback attitude will keep you from enjoying what is happening in the present. Something in the past might not have turned out well. Retrospect and review what needs to modified to make the same thing work out in the present.

7. Seeking temporary contentment

You can gain two types of contentment from life: one is temporary contentment
which is derived from acquiring materialistic possessions, and achieving short term goals and the other one is enduring contentment which is acquired through the consistent effort to develop your mind and yourself. Often in all the hurry busyness of our lives, we forget the importance of the second type.

When you are caught in lives fleeting moments, and frenzied by it, you go further away from the enduring sense of contentment which is achieved by the overall development and constant modification of the self. Only then can you have a purposeful life.

8. Trying to make a huge difference all at once

Change comes over a period of time and know that it starts with you. If you really want to bring about a change start today. Make one small difference and this will slowly expand its effect to be something significant.

Don’t be disheartened or back down on facing trivial failures. Keep doing small favours of genuine concerns to people around you and this will one day come back to you in excess.

9. Sticking to people who suck away your positivity

There are some people who will breed the feelings of contempt in you. They will back-bitch about other people to you and significantly hamper your positive energy.

It is essential that you remove everyone from your life who has been hampering your zeal to live life. This includes people who are manipulative, abusive, liars, control freaks and energy vampires.

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10. Over-focusing on physical attractiveness

Physical appearance is one of many aspects of attractiveness but it is not the pivotal point in having intimate feelings for a person. It’s akin to choosing a book by the cover and not by the contents of it. Never compare yourself to someone else based on looks and feel small about yourself.

You might have your personal preferences but obsessing too much on your own physical beauty and on the physical beauty of the person you like is not a good idea. A person’s personality, attitude, kindness and inner beauty. Sometime’s it’s their flaws, their scars that draw us in and anchors us to them for a lifetime.

10 Little Habits That Are Keeping You Away From Happiness
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