10 Forgotten Spiritual Truths About Raising Children

10 Forgotten Spiritual Truths About Raising Children

That is how the personality of our visitors develop, though the original goal of that personality was to represent their individuality in the world. This individuality is, however, hidden deeply under the thick layers of conditioned mind patterns, beliefs, ideas, and identification. Thus it is no wonder that they live as replicas, and completely forget about their original mission in this world.


The Individuality Blossoming

All this means that we are only able to become good hosts for our visitors if we ourselves are not replicas but individuals. We must, therefore, walk the line we want our guests to walk, too.

Ten ideas to help our visitors to avoid becoming replicas and to allow their individuality to bloom:

1. Do not consider them as our property; instead, look upon them as beloved guests, who only need our assistance and not our control;

2. Give them a sufficient amount of freedom so that they can earn experience from the world themselves;

3. Allow them to experience more and more things by and for themselves;

4. Do not teach them things we do not have direct personal experience and we received readily from our teachers;

5. Teach them not to take anything for granted just because it was proclaimed by a person regarded as an authority by the society around them;

6. Allow them to be doubtful of anything and everything until they gather personal experience about it;

7. Help them to remain free so that they will be open to any new experience available to them;

8. Share with them our own experience;

9. Create for them an environment in which they have a lot of opportunities to laugh and live a joyful, cheerful life and enjoy life as much as possible;

10. Offer them our own example, and show them how is it possible to live a conscious and alert life.

About the author, Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D. is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the book  The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind.

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10 Forgotten Spiritual Truths About Raising Children
10 Forgotten Spiritual Truths About Raising Children

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