10 Essential Life Lessons We are Not Taught in School

Essential Life Lessons We are Not Taught in School

8. Exams don’t measure intelligence

In school, children’s knowledge and understanding is being tested by exams. School students who are doing well in exams are usually being looked up to by their teachers and those ones who don’t do well are looked down upon. This gives students the wrong impression that exams are a sufficient measure of their intelligence. The reality though is that exams, as we know them to exist today in most schools across the world, are far from measuring the intelligence of children. School exams are actually nothing more than memory tests which, in order for students to pass, they just have to memorize and regurgitate information, which they will most likely soon forget altogether once they graduate from school.

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9. Money can’t buy happiness

The reason children are being given for going to school is that by doing so they will manage at some point later in their life to earn plenty of money that will allow them to live a good, happy life. Therefore children come to believe that money should be the primary goal in life, and that it is the main thing that will bring them happiness and success. And although in our economic system it is true that money is needed to buy us food and shelter, it is never enough to buy us happiness. Happiness, as research shows, is mainly derived from healthy relationships with people and is almost entirely unrelated to money, once our basic physical needs are satisfied.

10. Non-conformity is a good thing

Every person is unique, without exception. Yet since we were very young, we have been taught that we should conform to society, follow rules, and walk on a ready-made path created by others. This is particularly done in school, were children have to obey to the authority of their teachers, as well as accept and believe what they are being taught by them. All the great minds that have walked on Earth, however, chose to not conform, but doubt belief, doubt authority, and think for themselves. The way of non-conformity is certainly not an easy way to follow, but it is the only way to live a truly free and fulfilled life.

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” ~George Santayana

Written by Sofo Archon
This article was originally published on Unbounded Spirit.

Life Lessons Not Taught in School
Life Lessons Not Taught in School
Essential Life Lessons We are Not Taught in School Pin

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