The 10 Basic Dos And Don’ts Of Depression

 February 03, 2017


8. Get As Much Sleep As You Can.

A single good night’s sleep, or even a nice nap, can make a world of difference to your mood. To sleep better and longer, follow some of the advice in this related article.


9. Make An Appointment With A Health Professional.

Enlist the advice and support of your family doctor or a psychiatrist. Maybe ask for counseling and take things from there.


10. Decide Whom To Call In An Emergency Should You Feel Overwhelmed By Negative Or Suicidal Thoughts.

This may be a relative or friend, your doctor, or a helpline. Think of a backup in case you can’t reach your primary support. Carry the appropriate telephone numbers on your person at all times, on your phone or in your wallet. 


Neel Burton
Source: Neel Burton
Adapted from the new second edition of Growing from Depression.

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