10 Cheating Myths You Need To Stop Believing

10 Cheating Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Whether your cheating partner can be trusted or not greatly depends on the way you react to being betrayed rather than on their tendency to cheat. 

Cheaters are more likely to realize at some point that refraining from the cheap thrills of infidelity is better than facing their punitive conscience. Understanding the concerns of your partner’s betrayal starts with you being your own detective and discerning the root of infidelity.

10. Cheaters are sexually promiscuous.

sexually promiscuous

It is obvious that people who are more sexual in nature have a greater need to have their sexual thirst quenched. Hence, these people actively seek the opportunity to physically engage with as many people as possible. NO. Not really. 

The truth here, having an insatiable sexual need does not predict your partner’s possibility of cheating on you. 

Would you eat just about anything under the sun just ‘cause you are hungry? Probably not. It is natural to different sexual appetite from your partner. But it doesn’t conclude to your partner being sexually promiscuous in nature.  

To draw a line…

Every infidelity has a purpose. Most often they are not well understood or analyzed. Rather, we like to hide under the illusion that cheaters have the sole purpose of being selfish and unthinking of their partner or that they draw some sort of crooked sadistic pleasure by imposing pain on their partners. 

It’s easier to engage in “Why me?” thoughts than stopping ourselves and asking “Why?”, after being cheated. 

It’s time we turn the table around.

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10 Cheating Myths You Need To Stop Believing
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