10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers

Prophesized Lightworkers

2. You can sense your purpose, but you don’t know what it actually is.

If you are indeed a lightworker, then you will have this persistent feeling within yourself that you are meant for something greater, and you have a far greater destiny than others. You don’t exactly know what it is, but you feel a strong attraction towards it, and that’s why you keep on ruminating about what your purpose in life is, and what is it really that you are meant to do.

You have researched a lot, and read many books in order to understand, but you don’t. However, don’t be disheartened by this, because the Universe is pushing you to awaken and get in touch with your spiritual and enlightened side, but it cannot be forced, it needs to happen consciously. You need to realize your purpose, work towards the greater good, and allow the light within you to shine bright. The moment this happens, know that you have started to fulfill your mission.

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3. You feel an intense and unsaid connection with animals.

This is one of the biggest signs that you are one of the 144,000 prophesized lightworkers to walk on the face of the Earth. Lightworkers and animals have shared a powerful connection and bond with each other since the beginning of time because they understand each other and their languages very easily, which not a lot of people can; it’s as if both of you share a common language which only you understand.

Any kind of animal cruelty is painful for you, and you do everything in your power to protect them. When you see a hurt animal, it’s as if you can feel their pain within yourself, and look for ways to soothe them as much as you can. Having a strong bond with animals is an extremely admirable and powerful quality to have, and as a lightworker, it’s not just humans you need to save, animals deserve your help and light too.

4. You are an intense and powerful empath.

Every lightworker is bound to be an empath, and if you are one, you know what this means. You know you are an empath when you can deeply feel everybody else’s feelings, be it happiness, pain, sadness, anger, or even emptiness. Empaths always pick up the energy and emotions of other people, absorb them, and treat all those emotions like their own; sometimes they don’t want to, but they still do. Due to this, sometimes you end up with compassion fatigue.

And not just compassion fatigue, if things get too intense for you, it can also lead to depression and anxiety. Being an empath might be a beautiful thing to be, but too much of it can sometimes bog you down, and make you feel overwhelmed.

5. You strongly believe in a higher power.

You might have gone through a lot of challenges in life, and maybe still do, but no matter what you go through, deep down inside you know that you will be fine; you believe that there is someone up there who is looking out for you, and will never let any harm come to you. You strongly believe in a higher power and have the conviction that all the challenges you are facing today or have faced in the past, are pushing you towards your actual purpose in life.

This belief helps you stay strong, and motivates you to get back up every time you fall down. Life might not be a bed of roses for you, but you have a feeling that the world was created for a far greater purpose, and so were you. You have never questioned or doubted the unknown, and have always let this higher power guide you towards greatness.

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12 thoughts on “10 Traits Of The 144,000 Prophesized Lightworkers”

  1. Avatar of Jeffrey Chady

    Im a lightworker my name is jeffrey chady i was a facilities manager then wrote a paper in the fall proving that god needs to fix the ozone layer safely and resigned. Currently in world peace negotiations with putin. Sirius is the god of orion + pleiades = holy trinity. We will fly a spacecraft to orions belt. Really good shit coming soon from the top. God bless

  2. Avatar of Trisha Butler

    Oh my!
    I am a Lightworker.
    I’ve been having lucid dreams and astral projecting a lot recently and doing research, which lead me to this.
    It made me cry like a baby to read the ten signs because each one resonated with me so deeply.
    I’m so extremely humbled that I would be one of the ones chosen for this task.
    I have gone through the craziest life transformation and have recently been awakened.
    This is all so exciting and scary at the same time.
    I am committed to doing my part.
    Thank you for sharing this!
    Much love and light to you.
    Let’s do this!

  3. Avatar of Jay todd Krieg

    Ive been having abilities hearing conversations healing powers and so much more please help me be best person i can be so i can be at my fullest potential to help others that is my dream

  4. Avatar of Heather

    I AM a Light Worker, I see what I should/shouldn’t. Love life still through the fullest each and everyday when My Anxiety and anxiousness comes and goes though I learn to Clear My Mind, just Breath and Let God do the rest:)

  5. Avatar of Nicole

    I haven’t heard of this! I answered yes to all and although I’m not sure exactly why yet, I have no doubt in my mind that I’m supposed to be here for everything that’s going on right now!! Does anybody else feel that way

    1. Avatar of david farrell

      I hadn’t seen this particular thing before, and I answered yes to all the questions, but I didn’t need it to guess if I might be. I already know I am. I know I have a mission and I work at it everyday. Blessings on your journey, and if you need assistance on that journey please ask. I will be honored to help you

  6. Avatar of Waterz4u

    I feel most Sencertives, Empaths,lightworkers , Have some form of addiction ,And early Trauma, Food Sencertives , Stomach issues, depression anxiety, So what I find helpful is Meditation early morning each day manifesting Unconditional divine love bringing through the body and Grounding the Energy thought form ,So 10 to 20 minutes should do ,remove negative vibrations out of your field as soon as possible, Keep Hydrated,and bless water ,Make Holy water for protection. A gluten and dairy free diet helps,Plant base diet . Exercise daily,No alcohol or drugs.Pets if you live alone, Learn to say no , Have good Boundaries ,Be aware of your own Energy, Practice Gratitude , Forgiveness , Love for yourself and others.

  7. Avatar of Amber J. Frausto

    Just wanted 2 connect with you as your story inspired me 2 try an get a fellow light workers attention an see if I can get a response back cuz I am in need of some guidance right now as I’m a newly awakened soul in need of some much needed advise without having 2 keep searching the internet so much. So if you think that you may be able 2 be of some assistance 2 me at this time can you pls reach out 2 me on my gmail account as I’m not very good at computer skills an need help by just talking 2 a real fellow light worker 1 on 1. I just have a few questions of you think you may be of some assistance 2 me tytyty Namaste….

  8. Avatar of Crystal Potter

    Since I was a small child I have known that there was more to me then I could understand. I tried to run from this knowing, I have blocked it out, fought it and I have faced the tests and lessons which forced me to accept and embrace it. Two years ago I was finally ready to take faith and trust to the ultimate level, I quit my job, moved into my car with my two children and let go of everything and everyone who was no longer meant to walk beside me at that point in my journey. Since then, every choice I make comes from my connection to the source and I have learned ultimate trust, I have learned true forgiveness and absolute unconditional love….I still have not managed to find the HOW of my purpose here, but little by little more of what is needed falls into place. I no longer see things through my physical eyes which has actually changed my ability and how I see, but I now see through my heart and through the energy around me. some times I am drawn to things, much like this article and I am compelled to respond, the words flowing through me from some other place and I may not even know the message myself until I have completed it. I see pieces of what is yet to come and I know when more of my fellow lightworkers reach a new level of awakening because the pieces change. I dont see these as images or words, but as energy. it is like hearing something that has no sound, and answer with no words, a picture on an empty canvas. My path led me through an addiction to methamphetamines, a toxic and emotionally destructive relationship, the death of a man I loved, the understanding that I create everything in my life and learning to love everyone at the level they are on, learning that I can offer tools but I control nothing but myself. Allowing others to be exactly who and where they are. I hope this message reaches even one of my fellow lightworkers. I feel you, you are not alone, you can do this, you have more inside of you than you can see. trust in your intuition, we are waiting for you

    1. Avatar of Shawn

      I know I have a calling. I’m being awakened. Your message spoke volumes to me.

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