10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships

January 19, 2019 11:30 am

6) You don’t own and share your gifts

Masculine and feminine energy are wired differently and have different gifts to share.
Masculine energy is wired to protect and provide and that is their innate gift.
Feminine energy is wired to nurture and look after and that is their innate gift.

A relationship works well when both the genders acknowledge and own their gifts and share them openly and freely.

Love is about giving and not taking.
When you only think about what you can extract from a relationship and do not offer anything of value in return, you are coming from a lack mentality and you will neither feel loved nor will make the other person feel loved from that place of lack.

It will just be a co-dependent relationship full of drama, blame, and constant fights.
If you want to build a happy and successful relationship, you need to be aware of your gifts and own them fully. And also find out the love language of your partner to figure out if he would be someone who would value the gifts you have to offer.

7) You create drama to put your point across

Men are wired to be logical and take pride in being the solution providers. If you put across your point in a simple and straightforward manner, they will understand but if you get all worked up and end up creating drama to put your point across, they will just get frustrated.

I understand that women are more emotionally wired but it really helps to take some time off when you are emotionally charged.

It is always a wise practice to process your emotions on your own and then sharing your thoughts with your partner in a logical manner rather than just blurting out everything that is going on in your head in the heat of the moment.

Creating drama may give you short term relief from your inner pain but trust me it will just create bitterness and resentment in your relationship in the long run.

8) You don’t build intimacy or trust

Men will consider you as a long term prospect only if you build trust in them that you have their genuine interest at heart and you have got their back.

Men want to be inspired to enact the role of a hero in your life. And they will go all out to protect and provide for you if they believe that you also truly have his best interest at heart.

Men are also wired to crave respect and honor. If you want the relationship to be beautiful, please be careful not to hurt his respect or honor.

9) You try to label things too soon

This is one of the most common mistakes that women make. They want to label things too fast and try to convince their men to put a ring on it just after one encounter.

Men are wired for freedom and for pursuing what they want.
And also it is basic human nature to lose interest and pull back if someone is throwing themselves at you too quickly.

It does not mean that men do not want to commit or settle down. They just want to be sure that you are the one for whom they can give up their freedom and once they are convinced they will do all they can to be with you.

So, sweetheart, no matter how much you love him or how badly you want to take things forward, don’t try to rush the process, let things fold organically.

10) You are looking for a relationship to make you whole and complete

If you are looking for a man or a relationship to make you feel whole or complete, you are fighting for a lost cause. Love can never be a substitute for what you should be able to provide yourself.

You have to work on your personal development and work on becoming your highest possible version instead of running after people trying to convince them to love you.
You can attract a healthy relationship only after you have done your inner work of healing and not from a place of lack, fear or insecurity.

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