10 Adorable Compliments That Will Touch Her Heart

Adorable Compliments Touch Heart

You’ll tell her that you love her tomorrow. Today tell her that “she just drives you crazy!”

6. You’re just adorable.

Isn’t this the sweetest compliment you could ever make to a woman? I think it is. And she’ll think so too.

So don’t be shy to use it. And of course use it when appropriate, like when she has that shy smile on her face, or when she’s prepared something cute for you, or when she’s put some thought into how she looks.

Make her feel like a little princess with the compliment, “You’re just adorable.”

7. Nobody makes me happier than you do.

With this compliment you’re comparing her to your previous girlfriends and putting her way above them. And the truth is that women are very competitive among themselves, so if you tell her that she’s the best woman ever for you, that’s a BIG compliment. Trust me on that.

8. Aren’t you the sweetest!?

This is another little way to make her feel special. It’s super simple and extremely touching when used at the right time and with a warm and caring voice tone.

Just like the “How did I get so lucky?!”, you can use this one more often and remind her of how much you appreciate her.

By the way, you can also use a compliment like this to reinforce a good behavior that she has. This way encouraging her to keep acting that way in the future.

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9. God, you’re just perfect.

For special occasions, you can make a big exclamation and tell her “God! You’re just perfect!”

Thus letting her know that whatever she’s just done has had a huge effect on you. And like the amazing guy that you are, you know how to appreciate a good woman.

But, don’t use such compliments for her too often, or she’ll take it too seriously.

You Are Perfectly Exactly As You Are

10. Come on, stop being so cute!

And lastly, this is one of my favourite ways to tease and compliment her at the same time. It’s a fun, playful way of spontaneously adding some affection into an otherwise normal conversation.

So this is it.

Now you’re armed with 10 amazing phrases to tell your honey bee and make her feel loved and special. Read them again, commit them to memory and when the time is right, give compliments to her what she’s been dying to hear for so long.

And guess what? She’ll love you for it.


But one thing must be clear. As much as we want to make our partner feel loved, we mustn’t overdo it.

Yes, it’s possible to OVERDO it. Affection is like food. If you feed her too much the stomach will start hurting. If you shower her with too much affection she’ll take it for granted, and she’ll enjoy it less, instead of more.

Therefore, go make her happy, but don’t get too carried away.

Written by  Besski Livius
Originally appeared on The GoodmenProject.com

10 Adorable Compliments for her
Adorable Compliments Touch Heart pin
10 Adorable Compliments That Will Touch Her Heart
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