‪‎The Conversation‬ – ‪Hows You‬?

Projects, work, responsiblities, deadlines, so many people to talk to, a query here, do this, do that, thousands of words spoken a day, millions written and those words that just strike the chord, “Hows You?”

One of the most commonly used one though, but you know it wen its really not just a opener for a conversation, but a conversation in itself.

We come in this world alone, go alone, all forms of attachment are mere a mirage. Nothing real exists. You are just you, an individual, who has to move ahead alone in your own journey. The mind knows this, thats the ultimate truth. But then why this feeling of belonging, why do we want to matter to someone. y not just mind my own business.

Lifes moving so fast and I am taken over by the speed. So so many people talk, in routine, And what I look forward to on a daily routine is The conversation !

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