Step 1
LOGIN ON THE MINDS JOURNAL Via the LOGIN FORM (As shown in screenshot 1 below)

Step 2
Once you are logged in, go to your profile page by clicking on View Profile as shown in screenshot below.

 Step 3

You will see a Submit tab in Profile as shown in the following screenshot.
(As shown in screenshot below)

 Step 4

You can click on the Posts tab as highlighted in the previous screen to get the post management screen. It contains 2 buttons for Adding new posts and the other lists down all your previous posts. Once the tab is opened, list of posts will open as shown in the following screenshot.


 Step 5

Then, you can create new posts by clicking on the Add New Post button and submitting the necessary details. Following screenshot previews the post creation screen. You can define a title, content, featured image, tags, categories while creating a post.