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Art in Motion

All we need is a dream, the canvas of our being…and a paintbrush from the world.

This paintbrush came from the sea,

Fashioned in the depths of dreams and belief,

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What a strong independent woman truly desires

I am a strong modern woman who is struggling to have a life somewhere between “societal norms” and “breaking stereotypes”. It sounds easy when I think of un-messing my life and making it sorted, yet I end up inviting chaos.

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The Real Reason Why Women Lose Interest In Men

I know many men and women alike will take offense to what I’m about to reveal. But, let me first say that I am in no way “bashing” men. I love men. Period! I am the Mother to a glorious male child, I appreciate men in all their natural, artistic, compassionate, nurturing, sensual and hardworking forms, I am a friend to many wonderful male friends…one of my dearest friends and guides is my Father. So no, I do not have a “hate-on” for men.

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“Would you Hold his Hand in Public?” – Mind Talk

“I’ll be keeping your head up, darling.” It is difficult to be surrounded by people who are consistently conformed to a normalcy that makes them feel unwanted, unfit and uninspired. I cannot say that I have never been a victim of this, but it is often a choice to hate what you don’t understand, love what you cannot have and be indifferent about things that don’t hold your interest. That is all pretty obvious. But why the homosexuals? Why hate on us when we are human, just as you are?

Brilliantly written, Introspective Read by Nicholas Thompson.
“Would you Hold his Hand in Public?”

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When Death Comes

When Death comes it is not convenient, or better, or easy.
It doesn’t come with manners, etiquette or rules to follow.

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