Yes I am a loner and I love spending time in solitude. I love interacting with my own self. I love a session of introspection with my conscience. How does that make me unwanted? How is it a sign of being anti-social?

It sounds quite disgusting and awful, when we hear or encounter a person being alone in the society, in a classroom or even in a party. The first thought that comes to our mind is about the loneliness he must be going through and about the boredom that he would be feeling. But you are perhaps not aware of how beneficial sometimes being alone could be to you.

We provide you a list of 7 benefits of being alone. Let’s have a glance on these:-

1-You will know yourself in a better way: – Sometimes, a person in order to make others happy completely transforms himself into a different personality and thus loses his unique identity. Alone ness brings you closer to yourself and helps build a strong relationship with Self.

2-You can choose your own path – Empowerment comes along with Alone ness. We are in control of our thoughts and also our decisions. Loners cut clear through unwanted, unnecessary suggestions and advices. Is that not a nice feeling ?

3- Solitude helps to progress in life by making oneself self-sufficient:- When you start enjoying your own company you will no longer have the urge to be with someone. You do not seek validation from others, Needing, wanting, expecting and depending do not find a place in your dictionary.

4-You will not have anything to lose: – You don’t have extra worries and insecurities about people leaving you. The distractions get reduced and the chances of success improve inversely.

5-loners do not believe in giving explanations – A loner will never care of proving anything to anyone. A loner does not make attempts to prove him innocent. All he needs is to satisfy him. He is more focused towards his personal development rather than public impression.

6- They are free from the web of “What others think “- The most clingy question that has completely disturbed the mental status is what the others think about us”.  But a loner will eat, drink, feel and do whatever he wants to because he does not cares about any single person in the society  and thus lives his life own way. They believe in the power of their own imagination, opinions and beliefs.

7- Loneliness makes you more productive:-We may love enjoy spending time in the canteen with our friends, or bunking classes with them. We may find it very much entertaining to go for a movie with them and party with them at night. But aren’t these all a source of distraction? One can notice that a loner will be very much dedicated towards his work and ultimately would be more productive .he has least elements of distractions which could be a hindrance in his work.

So in case you encounter anyone who shows sympathy towards you for being a loner, answer them hard with these facts.