You have perfected the art of life. You’ve got your shit together, but your life is a beautiful train wreck, you know what you like, but you’ll always try something new, and you’re a lazy son of a gun, but you’re still killing it in every. Single. Way:

1. Your not lazy, you’re laid back.

Just because you don’t wake up until the PM doesn’t mean you don’t get shit done; you’re just too chilled out to work the standard hours of the rest of the world. You get your life worked out on your own time and at your own pace, ‘cos you know this is how you work best, and even science has got your back on this one.

2. You go with you gut. Always.

You don’t spend unnecessary time and energy over-analyzing every little decision you make; you haven’t got time for that. Well, you do, but you’d much rather spend that time binge watching Netflix and strengthening your friendship with your local bartender. You follow your impulses and just wing it, and you know what, 90% of the time it works out just fine.

3. Manic or sedated. Pick one.

For half your life your spirit animal is the majestic sloth – usually asleep, often stoned and always adorable. For the other half you channel your inner Animaniac, running around with reckless abandon, with no idea of where you’re going, what you’re doing, but some how getting your shit together. No middle ground, no half speed, it’s all or nothing and it’s great.

4. You’re in it to win it, or you don’t give a fuck.

When you get into something, you really get into it. Like, obsessed with it. You need to know everything, you need to research every last detail and you positively have to tell anyone in within earshot exactly why it’s the most awesome thing ever.

5. You live in organized chaos.

So your bedroom looks like your clothes had an orgy and invited half your kitchen along, but you’re perfectly aware where everything is, and frankly if it gets too tidy you start having panic attacks. Your keys are in your shoes, your phone charger is dangling from your room fan and your socks are in your kitchen, and that’s the way you like it, dammit.

6. You sometimes kinda, sorta have a plan…ish.

Occasionally you are forced to think in advance. This makes you feel slightly uncomfortable and you have to resist the urge to shower afterwards. Generally, with any plan you do make, it inevitably alters 18 times before it begins and ends up turning out entirely different than you ever predicted. This is why you don’t make plans.

7. You own your fuck ups.

Living on the fly has its advantages, but you’d be lying if you tried to claim you haven’t had a colossal fuck up or two…or eight…per week. You understand that it’s perfectly OK to mess up every now and then, so long as you accept the consequences, carry it on your shoulders and learn from your mistakes. Every time you fuck up, your just getting a little closer to getting it perfect.

8. You keep it real.

Honesty is your thing. You don’t do bullshit ‘cos it takes time and effort to interpret, and you can’t be dealing with that nonsense. You don’t hide who you are, and you don’t pretend to be someone else. It makes life way easier.

Source – Puckermob