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24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary


When languages evolve, it’s important that scholars and dictionaries keep up. The internet has spawned a new crop of words for stuff, and while you may not like all of them, some of them are really clever combos that seem like they might actually be useful!

Many of these words come from urbandictionary.com, which is basically a dictionary of modern slang. Their site is probably the most complete dictionary of modern slang, but it’s also full chock-full of nonsense.

Most of these words are portmanteaus, which are what you get when you mash both the sounds and meanings of two words together to get a new one. Did you know, for example, that the word ‘smog’ is a portmanteau (smoke and fog)? ‘Brunch’ (breakfast and lunch) is another one that is becoming more and more popular, although it’s been around for a while. And if you’re eating your brunch with a spork, then that’s a portmanteau double-whammy.

Can you think of any fun new words that real modern dictionaries should adopt? If so, add them to this list!

#1 Askhole


#2 Bedgasm


#3 Textpectation


#4 Masturdating


#5 Chairdrobe


#6 Cellfish


#7 Nonversation


#8 Destinesia


#9 Errorist


#10 Carcolepsy


#11 Hiberdating


#12 Ambitchous


#13 Youniverse


#14 Internesting


#15 Columbusing


#16 Afterclap


#17 Unkeyboardinated


#18 Dudevorce


#19 Beerboarding


#20 Epiphanot


#21 Unlightening


#22 Nerdjacking


#23 Nomonym


#24 Doppelbanger


Source – BoredPanda.com

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  6. …there was a time when everyone in the village spoke the same language…

  7. I am a nonversation cellfish. I know because that’s the way people treat me. action speak louder than words, that is why I prefer to just BE. ,

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